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Servicing, Overhauls and Refurbishments

AT Plant Services Ltd understands that regular servicing is essential.  We know that as your equipment ages it will need major overhauls and repairs to ensure it remains reliable.  This will also require that your equipment undergo complete overhauls and refurbishment at some point during its lifetime.  Whatever you need we will work with you to provide a choice of solutions to suit your budget.  ATP are here to advise you on the best course of action to take as well as provide you with options for your immediate to long term operational plans.


ATP has the skills, resources and capabilities to complete your tailored requirements with field support once work is complete. We have the knowledge, capability and resources to complete servicing, overhauls and refurbishments to the highest standards, to current specification and best value for money.


Work carried out:

  • Inspection and preparation of estimates
  • Quotation for any repairs or overhauls to damaged equipment/machinery
  • Managing interaction with loss adjusters
  • Full repair and overhaul of your machinery to current specification
  • Alternative service options
  • Machinery valuation
  • Machine modifications to customers spec.
  • Sale of equipment refurbished and re-sprayed to a high standard
  • Loan of replacement equipment for planned maintenance
  • Bespoke systems have been created to record data allowing us to inform customers when their machine requires a service
  • Advanced electrical circuit work where required.
  • Paver Sales

    Sale of paving equipment, both refurbished and re-sprayed, to a high standard. Quality at a reasonable price.


    Full and cost effective overhauls and refurbishments of all paving machinery Regular servicing of all paving machinery

    Hiring Machines

    Hire of reliable pavers with experienced service and field engineers, protected by onsite manned security cameras.